Forwarding `return()` in generators

Axel Rauschmayer axel at
Wed Mar 25 16:40:57 UTC 2015

>> But: you need to guard against other ways of reaching `finally`.
> Why? I intended to always reach finally, and always close the iterator. Also, simplicity ftw :-)
> > That’s not what all the other constructs in ES6 do: they only call `return()` if iteration stops abruptly.
> Only because all the other constructs in ES6 try to exhaust the iterator. And when it's finished anyway, one doesn't need to close it.
> There is in fact no problem with calling `.return()` too often, it just doesn't do anything to completed generators.

True. I hadn’t thought of that.

> Btw, your `take` function is the perfect example where a non-exhausted iterator *should* be closed as return prematurely - like a `break` in a for-of loop would.

Right. Always closing is much simpler. Otherwise, you’d have to check whether everything was exhausted or not.

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