ES6 module syntax – done?

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Sat Mar 21 22:14:34 UTC 2015


> There was then discussion of how to get module metadata, with Dave's initial proposal per his slides being this (as Juan shows). However, we eventually arrived at the idea of


> import { name, url } from this module;


Would it make more sense to add additional meta properties in ES7 for import/export metadata?


``` // name of the current module

export.address // location of the current module

export.metadata // object with metadata generated during the loading lifecycle

export.loader // maybe? reference to the loader that actually loaded this module


On Sat, Mar 21, 2015 at 12:53 PM, Kyle Simpson <getify at> wrote:

> Just for posterity sake, since I got tripped up here…
> `import .. from this module` did not make it into ES6. It may come in later, in that form or some other.
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