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Sun Mar 15 21:48:27 UTC 2015

It seems like the intention of the Reflect API was to create a standard
object were all reflection operations could reside.

Now that we have modules, a “@reflect” module is a more natural place for
> many of the reflection methods previously defined on Object. For
> backwards-compatibility purposes, it is unlikely that the static methods on
> Object will disappear. However, new methods should likely be added to the
> “@reflect” module rather than to the Object constructor.


But ES6 adds [Object.getOwnPropertySymbols][1], but has no Reflect api to
match. Is this a mistake or intentional?

On the same subject - the original Reflect proposal seemed to add the
complete set of Object statics, including .freeze/isFrozen, .seal/isSealed,
which seem to be missing from the RC. Once again, is this intentional? My
google-fu seems to be lacking wrt finding anything about dropping these.

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