Maximally minimal stack trace standardization

John Lenz concavelenz at
Thu Mar 12 05:41:58 UTC 2015

I'm under the impression Error.getStack would suffer the same scoping
issues and it would have to be a module import that a custom loader could
override or a global method that could be hidden by scoping.  This doesnt
seem like a pleasant API and seems like something to be relegated to
SES/Caja specifically. But hopefully, I'm missing something.
On Mar 11, 2015 9:01 PM, "Brendan Eich" <brendan at> wrote:

> John Lenz wrote:
>>     b) It differs so wildly between platforms that cross-web content
>>     can't rely on it.
>> It exists everywhere and from where I sit it is pretty essential and
>> there is lot of wiring that exist to propagate and preserve stack traces.
> Yeah, I'd be careful concluding too much from the format differeing.
> Libraries such as Mark's can cope, and have. So it may be a
> browser-specific de-facto standard of sorts. We could still do better by
> leaving it unspecified, because it's browser-specific, and providing a
> cross-browser, well-designed and -tested de-jure alternative. Is that a
> static Error.getStack(e) method?
> /be
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