Accepting an array as the first parameter to String.prototype.includes

Bergi a.d.bergi at
Tue Mar 10 15:31:32 UTC 2015

Edwin Reynoso wrote:

 > There are times where I would like to check whether a string has every
 > occurrence of certain strings/numbers:
 > Now to achieve what I would like `String.prototype.includes` to 
 > with an array as the first parameter, I currently take the following
 > approach:
 > var str = "John,Mary,Bob,Steve";
 > var names = ["Mary", "Bob"];
 > names.every(name => str.includes(name)); // true;

And that's perfectly fine imho, pretty expressive about what is done 
about the array. Just passing an array to `.includes` is rather 
meaningless (not denotative).

If we need a method to do this (to allow for native optimisations with 
fancy string search algorithms), I'd suggest to use a different method 
name like `String.prototype.includesAll`.


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