Export * as name from "source"

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Sat Mar 7 02:49:13 UTC 2015

right, there were a couple of export declaration cases that we missed for ES2015. From the top of my head, I remember `export default from “module”;` which we plan to get on the fast lane for ES2016, ideally they will be spec’d (and in stage 2) by the time vendors start implementing modules :)

as for the one you mentioned, we can discuss it for sure, but at first glance it sounds be very confusing, thinking about:

export * as foo from “foo”; // export a namespace
export * from “foo”;            // export a batch

As today, we don’t have bindings to a module instance, that’s something new :)

the question here is, how much sugar are we willing to pile up?


> On Mar 6, 2015, at 9:11 PM, Lee Byron <leebyron at fb.com> wrote:
> I’m curious of this history behind this case being missing, I’ve been crawling through the spec and old esdiscuss and can’t find it:
> I expected the following:
> export * as someName from "module”;
> To behave much like:
> Import * as someName from "module”;
> export someName;
> Except without adding “someName” to this module’s scope.
> In common-js terms, transpiled to:
> exports.someName = require(“module”);
> Does anyone have context as to why this piece of syntax doesn’t exist? Is there a case to be made to incrementally add it in ES7?
> - Lee Byron
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