How to fix the `class` keyword

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On Thu, Mar 5, 2015 at 5:46 AM, Brian Blakely < at>

> I just want public and protected properties, as well as data properties.
> After those, class and I are buddies.
 I observed on Twitter that data properties can be hammered in surprisingly
tersely, even without mixins:
let C = Object.assign(class {
  get accessor1(){}
  get accessor2(){}
}.prototype, {
  dataProperty: 1,
  dataProperty: 2,
That is, if you don't mind them being enumerable, or that Symbol-keyed
properties aren't included. :P

I do, however, have a small personal grievance about the class syntax: why
doesn't it use commas to separate method and accessor properties? Consider
the disconnect. Object literal: commas. Array literal: commas. Class
literal: no commas. I appreciate that classes are not literals in quite the
same sense, in that they aren't really a list of properties that are
assigned to a single object, but it still seems quite un-Javascryptic to
have property after property with no commas between.
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