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Wed Mar 4 16:05:52 UTC 2015

While we're on the topic, is multiple inheritance on radar for ES7?  The
grammar of the ES6 draft spec I used for reference back when I first
implemented ES6 classes seemed to indicate support for multiple
inheritance.  I don't know if I misread it, or if at one point that was a
planned feature.

It's not terribly important to me since I seem to average one use case of
multiple inheritance every fifty thousand lines of code or so, and I can
usually fudge it.  I'm just curious if multiple inheritance is on the radar
or not.  Thanks.


On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 8:00 AM, joe <joeedh at> wrote:

> As someone who has fifty or sixty thousand lines of code using the new
> class syntax, I find this hard to understand. When I run into cases that
> aren't suited for the new class syntax, the solution is easy: *I don't use
> it*.  If one tool isn't fit for the job, pick up another!  After all, no
> one is proposing we *remove* the old prototypal stuff.
> The class syntax solves one set of problems.  The more flexible prototypal
> stuff solves another, and from my own experience they work pretty well
> together.
> Joe
> On Wed, Mar 4, 2015 at 5:03 AM, Benjamin (Inglor) Gruenbaum <
> inglor at> wrote:
>> Did you seriously just plug your blog post in es-discuss?
>> Are you really explaining the open-closed principle and composition vs
>> inheritance to a mailing list of people interested in language design?
>> About why class is added:
>> ECMAScript would have looked different had it been designed from scratch
>> today - but given your criticism everything apart from mixins for classes
>> is impossible without breaking compatibility and mixins are being explored
>> separately anyway.
>> From: Eric Elliott <eric at>
>> > I've already posted this on my Medium blog here:
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