How to fix the `class` keyword

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Wed Mar 4 16:00:31 UTC 2015

As someone who has fifty or sixty thousand lines of code using the new
class syntax, I find this hard to understand. When I run into cases that
aren't suited for the new class syntax, the solution is easy: *I don't use
it*.  If one tool isn't fit for the job, pick up another!  After all, no
one is proposing we *remove* the old prototypal stuff.

The class syntax solves one set of problems.  The more flexible prototypal
stuff solves another, and from my own experience they work pretty well


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> Did you seriously just plug your blog post in es-discuss?
> Are you really explaining the open-closed principle and composition vs
> inheritance to a mailing list of people interested in language design?
> About why class is added:
> ECMAScript would have looked different had it been designed from scratch
> today - but given your criticism everything apart from mixins for classes
> is impossible without breaking compatibility and mixins are being explored
> separately anyway.
> From: Eric Elliott <eric at>
> > I've already posted this on my Medium blog here:
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