Fly: A build system based in promises, generators and co-routines.

Bucaran jbucaran at
Tue Jun 30 21:07:15 UTC 2015

Hi folks

I have been fidingly with ES6 for over a year now, but for even longer I have been longing for a more expressive and honestly simpler build system / automation tool. I have dabbled with gulp, grunt and brunch and while they do get the job done and are great in their own way, I feel they are also very complex and carry a significant cognitive load. 

So, here is yet a new build system / task automator / promise-pipeline, based in generators and co-routines and written entirely in ES6 (transpiling with babel).

Similar to Gulp, _Fly_ favors code over configuration, but aims to provide a [definitive simpler way]( <>) to describe and compose tasks.

Check it out and please let me know what you think. If you agree with my mission, please help me make this the build system the JS community really deserves.

Jorge Bucaran
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