Value types, SIMD and standardization stages

Daniel Ehrenberg dehrenberg at
Thu Jun 25 00:04:59 UTC 2015

At the last TC-39 meeting, the understanding I got was, it's OK to
bring SIMD to Stage 4 before value types are there as long as we have
a general understanding that value types are on track and will be
consistent with SIMD. I have been looking into value types, and I
believe they can be done in a consistent way with SIMD's current API.
I was thinking of making a proposal with respect to them some time
around the November or January meeting.

My question is, would the current state of value types block SIMD from
getting to Stage 3 earlier than a more detailed value types proposal?
Given a complete spec, compliant implementations and tests, would it
be possible to move to Stage 3 as long as Stage 4 was held back for
ensuring that value types will be consistent?


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