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On Jun 22, 2015, at 3:22 PM, Russell Leggett <russell.leggett at> wrote:
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>> > No, thank you.​
>> > Email clients are the ultimate forum aggregators.
>> +1 on “No, thank you". Email works, email has are full-featured clients, do not force browser use, etc, etc.
> I have to admit, I find this attitude somewhat ironic. The standards group for a major component of the browser avoiding browsers. I understand trying to avoid the replication of email. These days, there are a lot of communication platforms that don't interoperate, and so it may seem like email is still a universal client, and therefore who needs anything else - but seriously, are you all so cynical that the additional value gained means nothing? As long as discourse supports email notifications/responses, then I don't really see the compelling reason not to make the switch. The advantages of switching are numerous: better search, easier participations, easier organization/categorization of threads, better formatting/code highlighting, etc.

Some of the criteria you offer are subjective and are in fact the reasons for me (and possibly others) to take the opposite position to yours (e.g: easier participation, easier categorisation). Without doubt there are advantages to a forum — for instance, as someone mentioned earlier, one can opt out of threads (an implementation detail, but an implementation that is lacking AFAIK in many email clients); also better formatting as you say. But there is not much irony here. JavaScript is no longer a browser-only language. Additionally, standards are the reason why we should all, ideally, not confine ourselves to the browser. Everything is not and should not be a “web app” and every application protocol should not be <proprietary>-over-HTTP.

This is a large can of worms I am happy to leave partially opened. I agree with you that if a discussion forum provides email delivery as well as the ability to respond via email, it would be near-indistinguishable for my needs from a mailing list server.



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