The Tragedy of the Common Lisp, or, Why Large Languages Explode (was: revive let blocks)

Scott Sauyet scott at
Fri Jun 19 11:23:22 UTC 2015

Greg McLeod <cleod9 at> wrote:

> I really really love JS (it's so fun!), and while there are many features
in ES6 that I think are great (such as classes, modules, and import syntax)
there are things that quite frankly scare me quite a bit. Such examples
include destructuring and arrow functions, which make sense when used in
simple use cases but I find confusing to interpret when reading someone
else's code due to their terseness.

I think the difference between your list and mine exemplifies the tragedy
of the commons as so well described by Mark.  Although we both share a
liking for modules and imports, my favorite ES6 feature is the arrow
functions, with destructuring near the top.   The very bottom of my list,
the only one I really, really wish n not been included is `class`.

Covering the desires of both users like you and users like me is what can
so easily leaf to bloat.

  -- Scott
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