primitive boxing in instanceof due to Symbol.hasInstance

Allen Wirfs-Brock allen at
Tue Jun 16 01:43:19 UTC 2015

On Jun 15, 2015, at 10:06 AM, Bradley Meck wrote:

> Kyle Simpson caused the discovery of this oddity :
> calls GetMethod on C without checking if it is an Object, this means `1 instanceof Foo` could be affected by mutating `Number.prototype[Symbol.hasInstance]`.
> I am assuming this is unintended?

No, it is exactly as intended:

GetMethod users GetV which handles accessing properties for primitives. For primitive values, it uses the built-in wrapper prototype to lookup properties, but it does not actually create a boxed primitive value.

`this` object boxing is a characteristic of the callee, not the caller.  Non-srict functions box primitive `this values` that are passed to them, strict mode functions do not.

This is all the standard method invocation behavior, and the `instanceof` operator just does a normal method invocation if it finds a  `Symbol.hasInstance` method.  Because Function.prototype implements `Symbol.hasInstacce` all function haves the default legacy behavior when appearing right-side operand of `instanceof`

But `instanceof` does not depend upon the existence of a  a  `Symbol.hasInstance` method.  It falls back to performing the default  (legacy) instanceof check if a callable `hasInstance` property value is not found.  

But, back to the original question:  Exactly what do you expect to be  boxed for `1 instance of Foo`?  The `C` that GetMethod is applied to is `Foo` which would normally be a constructor or some other "type-like" object implements.  It could be a primitive numeric value (eg, `5 instanceof 4`) which will cause the fallback to be taken using Number.prototype has a `Symbol.hasInstance` callable property.  But, even if it does why would you expect anything to box?


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