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Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.org
Mon Jun 15 17:15:09 UTC 2015

I think we can stick a fork in this thread, it's done. Let it 
memorialize some knowledge that seems in danger of being lost over time. 


Wes Garland wrote:
>> That root post ignored compatibility constraints that have been discussed to death over the years, and just glibly asserted that == and === could be changed.
> The last time == and === were changed (JS 1.1-1.2-1.3) I was a pretty
> green developer building a very large DHTML application. I lost many
> nights of sleep trying to figure out why my code worked on one version
> of Netscape but not the other.  You can't change stuff like that, we
> have paid the price to learn that lesson!
> The OP also spoke about fromCodePoint vs fromCharCode.  It is
> necessary, IMO, to be able to manipulate both the underlying bytes and
> Unicode. I bumped into a related issue on our Server Side solution
> this week, importing malformed UTF8. Our platform has a big switch
> which changes how we handle C strings, and both modes of operation
> were necessary to analyze and resolve the problem.
> I'm looking forward to upgrading to ES6. I'm building large, somewhat
> complex, applications that share ES5 libraries and data on the browser
> and server. I am looking forward to features like default parameters,
> destructuring assignment (we have this in the server and like it),
> better modules (although there will be migration pain), and template
> strings.
> I'm sure there will be stuff I don't need - but that's okay, I just
> won't use it.
> Wes
>> So, I don't believe you agreed with that noise. Am I mistaken?
>> If your point is that Object.is does not pull its weight, make a stronger case for why people should have to write it by hand.
>> You missed that Object.is(-0, +0) (and with arguments transposed) is false, while -0 === +0.
>> /be
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