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Sun Jun 14 00:27:51 UTC 2015

Heh, I remember I thought many ES6 features were oddly designed, or even
crazy.  However, since I was dealing with production code and needed said
features (and had decided to target ES6), I dutifully added 'em to my
crappy transpiler one-by-one.

Now I think *I* was crazy.  When I was implementing the module
import/export syntax, I couldn't fathom why anyone would design it that
way.  Now I can't imagine living without it; I love it.  I thought the
concept of Symbol was odd too, until I got sick of seeing __iterator__
everywhere (that horrible "__" gets hard on the eyes after a while).

When I first started by project (, my code looked like this:

    function Class() {
        Object.defineProperty(this, "prop", {
            get : function() {
    Class.prototype.MethodA = function() {
    Class.prototype.MethodB = function() {

You have no idea how much it meant to me when I implemented classes and
started seething this instead:

    class Class {
        MethodA() {
        MethodB() {
        get prop() {

Believe it or not, I implemented super() late.  Oh man.  When I started
seeing suff like:

Replaced with:


I thought I would jump for joy.

Anyway, I'm incredibly grateful to the TC39 committed for their work.



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