Language design

Brendan Eich brendan at
Fri Jun 12 23:45:18 UTC 2015

Edwin Reynoso wrote:
> Yes please edit it, you don't have to repost. BTW the only thing I can 
> agree with is the `` which to me seems like the only 
> problem it solves is `, NaN)` now returns true

You didn't agree with the root post (whose sender has had the "mod" flag 
set for moderated postings, btw). That root post ignored compatibility 
constraints that have been discussed to death over the years, and just 
glibly asserted that == and === could be changed. So, I don't believe 
you agreed with that noise. Am I mistaken?

If your point is that does not pull its weight, make a 
stronger case for why people should have to write it by hand.

You missed that, +0) (and with arguments transposed) is 
false, while -0 === +0.


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