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Yes please edit it, you don't have to repost. BTW the only thing I can
agree with is the `` which to me seems like the only problem it
solves is `, NaN)` now returns true

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>> Hello all. I have opened the page
>> and was horrified. What happened with JS? Why do we need all this methods?
>> Why a lot of functionality is now doubled, and a lot of new badly designed
>> API and language features was introduced? I understand the word
>> "compatibility", but I think that no compatibility worth enough to be
>> preserved sacrificing the language design making it self-contradictary.
>> For example, compares identity. Operator === also compares
>> identity but in a bit differrent way. Why not just make == check equality
>> only between compatible types, === check identity (that the object is the
>> same) and throw out Operator [] casts its argument to string ...
>> but not when used with Symbol (why not just allow the key to be any object
>> and match using ===). New iterator API relyes on Symbol.iterator. Why do we
>> need it? Why not just use strings and prototypes? fromCodePoint doubles
>> fromCharCode, but differs a bit. Why didn't you repurpose fromCharCode,
>> just allowing it to take a string arguments describing codepages?
>> Iterability and enumerability are distinct, but iterability is just
>> enumerability with numeric key (yeah, I know that it is possible to create
>> endless or random iterator, but in fact this means that you just don't need
>> to use the key provided). Why there is iterability, but not enumerability
>> with properties of iterability and enumerability united? Why we need
>> enumerability to make it work with for ... in and iterability to make it
>> work with for ...  of? Why can't we use methods definitions to define
>> methods as a function declaration? Why JS is so badly designed?
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