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 Hello all. I have opened the page and was horrified. What happened with JS? Why do we need all this methods? Why a lot of functionality is now doubled, and a lot of new badly designed API and language features was introduced? I understand the word "compatibility", but I think that no compatibility worth enough to be preserved sacrificing the language design making it self-contradictary.
For example, compares identity. Operator === also compares identity but in a bit differrent way. Why not just make == check equality only between compatible types, === check identity (that the object is the same) and throw out Operator [] casts its argument to string ... but not when used with Symbol (why not just allow the key to be any object and match using ===). New iterator API relyes on Symbol.iterator. Why do we need it? Why not just use strings and prototypes? fromCodePoint doubles fromCharCode, but differs a bit. Why didn't you repurpose fromCharCode, just allowing it to take a string arguments describing codepages?  Iterability and enumerability are distinct, but iterability is just enumerability with numeric key (yeah, I know that it is possible to create endless or random iterator, but in fact this means that you just don't need to use the key provided). Why there is iterability, but not enumerability with properties of iterability and enumerability united? Why we need enumerability to make it work with for ... in and iterability to make it work with for ...  of? Why can't we use methods definitions to define methods as a function declaration? Why JS is so badly designed?
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