Example of real world usage of function bind syntax

Kevin Smith zenparsing at gmail.com
Fri Jun 12 04:05:08 UTC 2015

Derp - email fail!  : )

You could always use parenthesis:


But in any case:

> Right - I think there are going to be two points of contention regarding
> the prefix form:
> 1. Is a unary prefix operator appropriate, given the somewhat "magic"
> dereference+bind behavior?
> 2. Does the fact that `::obj.meth !== ::obj.meth` amount to a footgun?
> The infix form faces some different challenges:
> 1. Is it okay to encourage the "floating" method style (a la Jussi's
> library)?
> 2. Aren't we sacrificing polymorphism and is that a bad thing?

The question isn't really about whether infix and prefix are both good
things, the question is about whether it's best to fight both of those
battles at the same time.

Anyway, still thinking about it and I really appreciate everyone's input!
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