Existential Operator / Null Propagation Operator

Sander Deryckere sanderd17 at gmail.com
Wed Jun 3 07:19:13 UTC 2015

@Sam Ruby: I think we should indeed go for an extra character. In the
proposals that result in `?[` and similar, it may be possible to define
correctly in the spec, but it would indeed be non-obvious for humans to
interprete, and potentially make the parser slower.

I proposed `??` as a unique double character, but `.?` could also work, and
perhaps be easier to read (`??` is a bit heavy on the eye with two big
glyphs). The only confusion that could happen (AFAICS) is when mixing the
decimal point with the ternary operator. But the spec already states that a
digit followed by a point is always a decimal point (which is why we need
to do `(255).toString(2)`). So the parser only has to look very locally to
find the correct interpretation. And it helps humans too.

@Brendan: yes, soaking up all null/undefined values will probably be wanted
by some. But personally, I'd prefer to show in my code where exactly null
values can be expected, and where stuff should always be defined. Using the
null-soaking syntax too much might result in code that's hard to debug
(some null is coming from somewhere, but nobody has an idea from where, as
it's just propagating through all accessors).

Thanks for all your comments.


2015-06-02 20:30 GMT+02:00 Brendan Eich <brendan at mozilla.org>:

> Sam Ruby wrote:
>> I think that the problem here isn't that it is ambiguous, it is that
>> it isn't obvious.
> Fair point!
>  Something that might be more obvious but requires
>> an additional character: `orders.?[client.key].price`.
> That's not bad. The whole proposal may founder, though, on "grawlix"
> objections.
> And some still want the ?obj.foo.bar to "soak" null/undefined obj and
> missing foo or null/undefined value of foo. CoffeeScript fans for sure, but
> it's in principle and practice at least as valid a use-case as obj.?foo is.
> /be
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