Maybe we need a reflect API to iterate over instance members

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Mon Jun 1 06:31:36 UTC 2015

Sorry but still not exact, the use of Object.getOwnPropertyNames through prototype chain can result in duplicate keys in override cases, so if we implement this API ourself it could be quite complex (involving a Map to filter duplicated keys)

I’m just wondering is there any reason that Reflect API is not suitable to provide such functionality?

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Gray Zhang

在 2015年6月1日 下午12:52:26, Fink Steve (sphink at 写到:

Forgive me for golfing it, but

function getAllPropertyNames(o) {
    if (!o) return [];
    return Object.getOwnPropertyNames(o) + getAllPropertyNames(Object.getPrototypeOf(o));

or as a generator

function* allPropertyNames(o) {
    if (!o) return;
    yield* Object.getOwnPropertyNames(o);
    yield* allPropertyNames(Object.getPrototypeOf(o));

don't seem too onerous.

Though on the other hand, didn't I hear that prototype loops are now possible with Proxies? If so, then you'd need to handle that.

Then again, if you're going to handle weird cases, then what should it even return if you go through a Proxy's getPrototypeOf trap that mutates the set of properties?

On 05/31/2015 04:42 AM, Gray Zhang wrote:
Since class’s members are non-enumerable by default (which is a good choice) we cannot use for .. in to iterate over all members of an instance, the same problem could exists in a plain object when we use Object.defineProperty API.

In real world there are some scenarios where we need to iterate over members, A common example is we need to find all set{SomeThing} methods so we can do an auto dependency injection.

Certainly we can write a 3rd-party function to find all members through prototype chain:

function getAllMembersKeys(obj) {
    let keys = [];
    while (obj) {
        obj = Object.getPrototypeOf(obj);
    return keys;

But it doesn’t look nice and lacks considerations of many things such as Symbol’d keys.

Look around other languages with reflection API, most of them would provide a method to iterate over all members / properties / methods of an instance, so why not we provide a set of utility API:


Best regards

Gray Zhang

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