[Meta] Proposal: Switch es-discuss from a mailing list to using the TC39 GitHub issue tracker for discussion.

Brandon Andrews warcraftthreeft at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jul 24 00:37:52 UTC 2015

> Personal note: If you must kill es-discuss and move it, move it to medium that is not political, that is, not to github. Github has recently made a move that pushes me to leave it as soon as I find suitable alternative.

The recent changes with the open code of conduct shouldn't affect ECMAScript. For those unfamiliar the announcement was here: 

https://github.com/blog/2039-adopting-the-open-code-of-conduct Specifically this page: http://todogroup.org/opencodeofconduct/ I checked quickly and this doesn't appear to be incompatible with anything ECMAScript currently does or participates in.

> It shouldn't be that everything is in github, because github will then have too much power, and it is unable to resist the urge to abuse it. 

While an important topic to consider, GitHub presently has no such bent. If it does become an issue nothing stops ECMA from moving discussions someplace else. That said, the argument for centralizing keeps all the discussion and hosting in one place. This works well also since many of the community's transpilers, polyfills, and other work already exists on GitHub.

> In the similar vein, you cannot automatically assume everyone has / can create account on github.

There is no assumption being made. Currently every country with access to the Internet can create a GitHub account. It's as easy as creating an email account. I verified this before posting. I think that might be why TC39 already uses it for a lot of their hosting.

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