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Thu Jul 23 19:22:32 UTC 2015

I would like to verify my reading of the %TypedArray% Object from the es6 spec. It seems from 22.2.1 that there is a single intrinsic object/prototype that each constructor/instance inherits from, respectively.

Relevant text: “The %TypedArray% intrinsic object is a constructor function object that all of the TypedArray constructor object inherit from. %TypedArray% and its corresponding prototype object provide common properties that are inherited by all TypedArray constructors and their instances.” 

Is this the correct reading of the spec? If so, I believe this goes against the current implementation in Safari, Chrome, Firefox, and IE, which have distinct prototypes for each element type.

Additionally, assuming my reading is incorrect, it appears each %TypedArray%.prototype function is required to be sufficiently generic such that it can operate on any of the element types. It was my impression that typed arrays were intended to be as fast as possible, however, requiring a generic implementation contradicts that goal.
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