await on synchronous functions

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>>> If I might, if there's one thing that has never particularly shone in
>>> JS, that is consistency.
>>> I see only two possibilities here: 1) it throws with non Promises 2) it
>>> "Promisify" anything that's not a Promise as if it was a
>>> `Promise.resolve(1)` ... but since there's too much magic in the second
>>> point, I'd rather stick with the first one.
>> Definitely #2. Had #1 been proposed, async/await never would have
>> achieved consensus.
> Wait, what?? Oh no, please don't bake that sloppy craze deeper into the
> language! Implicit conversions are Not Good.

Out of curiosity, can you give an example of the Not Good parts? ISTM the
`await` prefix is more of an explicit cast than an implicit conversation,
and other than the very small timing gap in how throws are handled I
pointed out a few days ago, I can't think of any situations where a throw
would make more sense than casting values to promises.
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