PropertyDefinitionEvaluation for static MethodDefinition

Yusuke SUZUKI utatane.tea at
Wed Jul 22 16:38:24 UTC 2015

Hi forks,

Seeing the ES6 specification, I've found that PropertyDefinitionEvaluation
for static MethodDefinition is missing.

For example, In ClassDefinitionEvaluation's step 21.a, we applied IsStatic
semantics to ClassElement m, and IsStatic has the definition for static
MethodDefinition correctly.
After that, we applied PropertyDefinitionEvaluation semantics to the same
ClassElement m, but there's no definition in PropertyDefinitionEvaluation
for static MethodDefinition.

Is that correct?
And I'd like to make sure that static Method doesn't have the [[Construct]]
(functionKind becomes "Method").

Best Regards,
Yusuke Suzuki
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