Extensible destructuring proposal

Bergi a.d.bergi at web.de
Tue Jul 21 14:23:39 UTC 2015

Samuel Hapák schrieb:

> The main idea is, that if object defines `Symbol.get` method, it gets used to access properties of object instead of `[]` when destructuring.

Aw, when I read "extensible destructuring" I had hoped to see an 
extension to the destructuring syntax, not to see how semantics of 
destructuring objects are changed.

What do you think about extractor functions, like in Scala 
Instead of `unapply` or `unapplySeq` methods we'd probably use an 
`@@extractor` (`Symbol.extractor`) method or so, allowing us to do

     let Map({a, b, c}) = myMap;

     let List(a, b, c) = myList;

     const Map({author: Map({name: {first, last}, birthdate})}) = book;

which would desugar to

     let [{a, b, c}] = Map[Symbol.extractor](myMap);

     let [a, b, c] = List[Symbol.extractor](myList);

     const [{author: __author}] = Map[Symbol.extractor](book);
     const [{name: {first, last}, birthdate}] = 

where each extractor method would return an Iterable that is assigned to 
the "arguments" of the extractor. (A Proxy to lazily destructure object 
literals in there is a good idea, thanks @Claude).

This would even allow us to call functions on destructuring, think about 
module imports:

     // a.js
     export default function factory(options) {
         return moduleInstance;

     // b.js
     const NoOptions = {
         [Symbol.extractor](factory) { return [factory()]; }
     const WithOptions = (...args) => ({
         [Symbol.extractor](factory) { return [factory(...args)]; }

     import NoOptions(A) from "a";
     import WithOptions("config")(A) from "a";
     // A === moduleInstance

What do you think about that?


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