for statement with index and value

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>This is pretty ingenious. If I thought this was a real problem that needed

I'm not sure how I should interpret this. But I'm pretty sure you also need
the current index of array in a for loop.

Since I can access the index and value directly in `.forEach(value, index,
array)`, why isn't there a for-loop-statement/control-flow-statement for
doing the same thing?

And yes I heard it can be solved with different methods. We can go on
discuss different way to loop through an array, recursive functions,
while-loops, iterators, generators, meta syntax etc. But they aren't clean
solutions to a wildly popular problem.

All these counter arguments. Can you explain why even `.forEach(value,
index, array)` made the deal also?

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> > If I thought this was a real problem that
> > needed solving,
> Disagree
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