Re: The enumerate trap and Object.create()

Gary Guo nbdd0121 at
Fri Jan 30 21:26:45 PST 2015

Seems a serious problem, but could be easily fixed (I think).

For Example, this could be used as [[Enumerate]] for ordinary objects:

9.1.11 [[Enumerate]]([visitedSet])

When the [[Enumerate]] internal method of O and optional argument visitedSet is called the following steps are taken

Return an Iterator object, whose next method conforms to the following steps.

If visitedSet does not exist, let visitedSet be an empty set

Let allKeys be a list that contain of all property names of O

For each property key in allKeys

If visitedSet does not contains key and key is an enumerable property of O

Add key to visitedSet

Yield key

Let proto be the result of calling [[GetPrototypeOf]] internal method of O

Let protoIterator be the result of calling [[Enumerate]] internal method of proto

Yield* protoIterator
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