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Aaron Frost aaronfrost at
Fri Jan 23 00:08:33 PST 2015

Trying to understand the cadenced release process. In the past a Final
Draft would be cut and allowed to bake for 12 months before an Official
Approval by the Ecma General Assembly. Is that 12-month bake still going to
be in place?

If this 12-month bake is still around, that would mean that the Final Draft
for ES 2016 will need to be cut by June of this year, so that it can bake
for 12 months and be ready by June 2016 for an Official Approval. This
would mean that features not hardened enough by June 2015 will not make it
into ES 2016.

If this is not how it will work, could you share the expected process of
future releases? I am very interested to hear how it will work.

BTW, great work! Label changes and all, I am very excited for this revision
to be approved.
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