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> This seems "just fine", not a problem. Yet at least for a while, possibly longer than some TC39ers think, people will still say "ES6". I find Andrea's WTF to be overdone, overstated -- but we shall find out. Even TC39 can make changes based on wider feedback, after it has made a decision.
> The idea of a community-approved name or naming scheme brings to mind that Axel wished for a "community-managed" trademark. Be careful what you wish for. The Ecma TC39 renaming process (like just about any other TC39 decision process) was not community-driven, with a lengthy propose/listen/dispose cycle and some kind of "open governance" (however defined).
> Rather, we're still doing consensus among a mix of pay-to-play and not-for-profit standard body members, where members have to build trust among developers and work in Harmony, at least in the modern post-ES4 era. Renaming angst, which could become an issue or just blow up for some reason we can't foresee, is just one issue to address for the same of developer trust and harmony.

I have never advocated design or naming by popular vote!

I don’t care what ES7 is called, but I have to decide soon on what to put on the cover of an ES6 book and that cover will either be inspired by a 6 or by a 2015. This may seem trivial to others, but for me it is a real decision, which involves quite a bit of money.

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