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2015-01-23 2:02 GMT+02:00 Brendan Eich <brendan at>:

> "Harmony" refers to the whole post-ES4 consensus-based arc of specs from
> ES5 (neé 3.1) onward into the future, until "done" ;-). See
> ECMAScript Harmony never referred to a specific edition of ECMA-262, nor
> could it. The "Harmony" name is used in nearby sub-fields of programming
> languages and software, e.g., the open source Java libraries developed
> under Apache auspices.

Good to know, thank you. My commend was kinda raged.

But I still think it is weird thing to change name right now. Also, all
those details about Harmony are not (or were) well known, because at a time
of popularity of "Harmony" keyword all referred to it as next
JavaScript/ECMAScript. That was exactly about features, not versions. Also,
it seems that right now all still refers to features -- browsers implement
them one by one, people talks about parts of specs not about whole thing.
Yes, it sounds reasonable to move away from versions. But for now ES6 is
already promoted, may be not specially but it is. For me it seems like
stick up to Harmony would be better idea.

Or let's go to Microsoft way and call it "ECMAScript One" (joke).

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