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Thu Jan 22 16:11:35 PST 2015

I really don't understand ...

6th Edition

ECMAScript 6 support in Mozilla

ES6 Rocks

Books already published, years of blog-posts all over the internet
educating developers about ES6 features. A clear deadline in terms of
features instead of year since by the end of 2015 I am pretty sure no
engine will be fully spec-compliant with the spec.

What is this new "back to year-versioning" approach?

Why suddenly we need a full new release each year when it took 15 years to
have full ES3 support from all vendors?

This feels like Adobe and the AS1 to AS3 era, the one that lost most
developers due inability to catch up with anything and confusion across
just specs.

And that was a single "vendor" proposing new features for its language, I
cannot imagine where this is going.


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On Fri, Jan 23, 2015 at 12:02 AM, Brendan Eich <brendan at> wrote:

> "Harmony" refers to the whole post-ES4 consensus-based arc of specs from
> ES5 (neé 3.1) onward into the future, until "done" ;-). See
> ECMAScript Harmony never referred to a specific edition of ECMA-262, nor
> could it. The "Harmony" name is used in nearby sub-fields of programming
> languages and software, e.g., the open source Java libraries developed
> under Apache auspices.
> FWIW, ES6 is a known thing, in view of sites such as
> (which goes to "7" ;-).
> Still, we can probably educate people and spread the word that ES6 =
> ECMAScript 2015, ES7 = ECMAScript 2016, etc. All under the "Harmony"
> umbrella, I trust.
> /be
> Arthur Stolyar wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I now version does not matter but implementation and features matter, why
>> then you dropped the "Harmony" name? It was using for a while, then ES6 was
>> using for a while, now you wants new name. Sounds weird. Argument about
>> features does not work.
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