JavaScript 2015?

Domenic Denicola d at
Thu Jan 22 14:14:15 PST 2015

From: Axel Rauschmayer [mailto:axel at] 

> OK, good to know. Does it make sense to normally refer to it as “JavaScript 2015”, then?

I don't really think so, but I don't have a storng opinion.

> Even ignoring books, I don’t share that attitude: for programming languages, a slower pace is good.

Well, I'm sorry* the committee plans to disappoint you then :).

* not actually sorry.

> * Establish modules (I’m seeing browser APIs based on promises, but none that are based on modules)

This is just further reflection of the idea that spec version numbers are fictional and what matters is implementation progress. Promises are established because they've been implemented for a long time now. Modules aren't even close to being implemented anywhere. Saying they're both part of the same Word document is a true, but useless, statement.

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