JavaScript 2015?

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Thu Jan 22 14:07:52 PST 2015

> The spec is no longer called ES6. The marketing hasn’t really begun to educate the community about this yet, but the spec is called ES 2015.

OK, good to know. Does it make sense to normally refer to it as “JavaScript 2015”, then?

> As for your concern about 2015 seeming old in 2016: **good**. In 2016, we’ll be publishing ES 2016, and ES 2015 will be missing a lot* of stuff that ES 2016 has!
> * hopefully.

Even ignoring books, I don’t share that attitude: for programming languages, a slower pace is good. It took people a long time to get used to ES5 and ES 2015 will have many more new features. It will take time to:

* Completely implement ES 2015
* Write proper material
* Educate people
* Establish modules (I’m seeing browser APIs based on promises, but none that are based on modules)


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