Clarification regarding "top level" arrow functions and "this"/"arguments"

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Wed Jan 21 19:08:20 PST 2015

I think the spec is clear. The hasThisBinding of function environment record of arrow function will return false, thus always trace to the outer environment - in your case, could be global environment record or module environment record, which resolves the this binding to either global object or undefined.

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> Subject: Clarification regarding "top level" arrow functions and	"this"/"arguments"
> [Section 
> 14.2.17]( 
> says
> > Any reference to `arguments`, `super`, or `this` within an 
> > *ArrowFunction* are resolved to their bindings in the lexically 
> > enclosing function.
> However, what if there is no enclosing function? Shouldn't this say 
> "enclosing environment"?
> If yes, what would be the expected behavior of an arrow function that 
> references `this` and `arguments`?
> I assume in case of `this`, it would just resolve to the *thisBinding* 
> of the environment (if there is one). Since there is no `arguments` 
> binding (by default) I assume accessing `arguments` would throw a 
> reference error.
> Is my understanding correct?
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