Figuring out the behavior of WindowProxy in the face of non-configurable properties

Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at
Thu Jan 15 10:42:45 PST 2015

On 1/15/15 1:22 PM, Ian Hickson wrote:
> It's what IE does, according to Travis.

I'll let Travis address this.

>> Care to ask the UA implementors who are clearly not doing anything even
>> resembling your spec?  Because it might turn out they might have reasons
>> for it...
> I've asked you many times.

I'm not one of those implementors.  What Gecko does right now is more or 
less black-box indistinguishable from your spec, modulo cross-origin 
issues.  However we may be changing what we do; we'll see.

> Implementations disagreeing with each other doesn't mean the spec is
> undefined.

But it can well mean they're not willing to implement it as written.

> It doesn't match _all_ implementations, certainly.

OK, but have you bothered to find out why?

> Per the HTML spec, there's two ways that WindowProxy can change. One is
> session history traversal. That can never happen with JS on the stack

Are you sure, given showModalDialog?


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