Implicit coercion of Symbols

Brendan Eich brendan at
Sat Jan 3 12:56:26 PST 2015

Axel Rauschmayer wrote:
>> On 03 Jan 2015, at 19:52, Brendan Eich <brendan at 
>> <mailto:brendan at>> wrote:
>> None of the objects in the examples bz cited are Arrays -- what did 
>> you mean?
> When I though of `+` being used inside square brackets, I only thought 
> of strings, not of numbers (first example).
> In the first example, `this` is at least array-like. Otherwise, 
> `slice` wouldn’t work.

Sure, but you wrote "Arrays", not array-likes. Also bracketing for 
computed property access works with any object, not just array-likes.

Sorry to be nit-picky but precision required here ;-).

>> Axel Rauschmayer wrote:
>>> Arrays are a good point, this is where I’d think accidental 
>>> coercions are most likely.

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