Existential Operator / Null Propagation Operator

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-1 for the `!` idea. It feels redundant to me, since if you try calling an
undefined value, it'll throw errors at you. It doesn't seem to insure
anything extra beyond current behavior.

On Wed, Aug 19, 2015, 02:27 Tingan Ho <tingan87 at gmail.com> wrote:

> One thing to keep in mind is that with prefix operator `?a.b` will also
> let people move back and forth with their caret. Since most people type the
> identifier first and then the operator. So they type `a` first and the move
> the caret in front of `a` and type `?` and then move the caret back to the
> last position and then type `.b`. This has been a big problem in typing
> type assertions in TS which had a prefix operator. They later introduced
> the `as` operator which is a postfix operator.
> What about `a!?.b` since semantically the symbol `!` has a meaning of
> non-nullable in JSDoc[1]. So the semantics of  `a!?.` is `is it not null
> then the accessor ...`.
> Or just `a!.b`?
> [1]: Non-nullable type — http://usejsdoc.org/tags-type.html
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