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Muhammad Hussein Fattahizadeh semnanweb at
Sun Aug 16 17:45:57 UTC 2015

​I want to use Intl.DateTimeFormat
but with custom pattern for output. I use this method for php version of
ICU dateformat and it's work well.

$fmt = datefmt_create(
    'fa_IR at calendar=persian',
    'EEEE d MMMM yyyy HH:mm' // as ISO_8601);

echo datefmt_format($fmt, time()) . "\n";// پنجشنبه ۱۰ اردیبهشت ۱۳۹۴ ۱۲:۱۲

How can i set pattern as ICU documentation in Intl.DateTimeFormat like php
version of Intl/ICU date time formatter.

My javascript code

console.log(new Intl.DateTimeFormat('fa-IR-u-ca-persian').format(new
Date())); // ۱۳۹۴/۵/۲۵ ه‍.ش.

How can iset ISO_8601 pattern in my javascript format pattern like EEEE d
MMMM yyyy HH:mm or MM yy dd or etc ?

ISO_8601 <>

PHP IntlDateFormatter::format

ICU Date formatter

ICU Date formats
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