please add orEqual operator

Herby Vojčík herby at
Mon Aug 10 19:26:54 UTC 2015

myemailum14 at wrote:
> I one day writing js thought why there is no operator for ||= there

The problem with || (and, consequently, ||=) is that it uses ToBoolean. 
We have all used to it, but I'd bet what we mostly want is "if (x == 
null) ...", so I think ||= should NOT be added to the language and || 
used as value || anotherValue should be left to rot (as a boolean 
short-circuit in if/while it is, of course, indispensable); on the other 
hand, we should add something like value ?? anotherValue and lvalue ??= 
anotherValue, instead, which would only kick in case of null/undefined.

> should be syntax makes sense, then i learned some ruby and it had this
> already. Now i was convinced it makes sense afterall.

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