tooling: HTML & ecmarkup versions of the spec

Michael Dyck jmdyck at
Sat Aug 8 04:03:59 UTC 2015

In the minutes for July 28, Rick Waldron wrote:
> ## 9 Tooling Updates
> Ecmarkup (Emu)
> - [...]
> - Michael Dyck now maintaining es-spec-html, working on high-fidelity emu output
> - [...]

To clarify...

Back in mid-April, I volunteered to maintain the HTML version of the ES
spec, taking over from Jason Orendorff. At the time, I knew about ecmarkup,
but there was some uncertainty (at least from my vantage point) about how
soon it might be used to maintain the spec. So there was seme possibility
that the next version of the ES spec might be prepared in MS Word, and thus
that Jason's es-spec-html converter would be used to create the HTML
version. However, the likelihood of that possibility seemed to decline
fairly soon thereafter. I'm not sure it's at zero yet, but it seems pretty

So, no, I haven't done any maintenance on es-spec-html, and I don't expect
I'll do any unless there's a good chance that it'll actually be used again.

About six weeks ago, I started work on a "high fidelity" ecmarkup version of
the ES6 spec. The quote from the minutes suggests that I was doing so by
modifying es-spec-html to generate ecmarkup rather than HTML. I suppose I
could have done it that way, but it seems more complex than necessary.
Instead, I started with the HTML version of the spec, and converted it into
ecmarkup ('fixing' some bugs and inconsistencies along the way). Once I had
that, I wrote a script to convert it back into HTML, and iterated on the
pipeline until the pre- and post- HTML differed only negligibly. I reached
that point today.

If you're interested, you can see the results here:

Note that ecmarkup & ecmarkdown have evolved somewhat since I started, and
are still evolving, so things will still need some work, but I figure it's
in a good enough state for people to look at.


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