Please help with writing spec for async JSON APIs

Brendan Eich brendan at
Mon Aug 3 01:25:38 UTC 2015

Exactly! Incremental and async, i.e., streaming.

XML quickly needed such APIs 
(, JSON's in the same boat.


Bruno Jouhier wrote:
> A common use case is large JSON feeds: header + lots of entries + trailer
> When processing such feeds, you should not bring the whole JSON in 
> memory all at once. Instead you should process the feed incrementally.
> So, IMO, an alternate API should not be just asynchronous, it should 
> also be incremental.
> FWIW, I have implemented an incremental/evented parser for V8 with a 
> simple API. This parser is incremental but not async (because V8 
> imposes that materialization happen in the main JS thread). But, if 
> the V8 restriction could be lifted, it could be made async with the 
> same API. See
> i-json's API is a simple low level API. A more sophisticated solution 
> would be a duplex stream.
> There was also a long discussion on this topic on node's GitHub: 
> Bruno
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