Please help with writing spec for async JSON APIs

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I confess I don't see the point of this proposal at all, at least with respect to being specifically about JSON.

JSON parsing/stringification is pure computation; it's not like I/O where you need something special inside the language runtime's implementation in order to exploit the asynchrony.

While it would be generally useful to be able to hand a random chunk of CPU-bound work off to another thread on another processor core, there's no point whatsoever in treating JSON as a special case of this.  JSON handling is just one use case for asynchronous computation in general.  Presumably once the language's async features are fully baked you should be able to just wrap a call to the existing JSON API inside an async function, and get this functionality (and much else besides) directly.


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I stumbled on lack of async APIs for JSON parsing and stringifying in JavaScript a couple of weeks ago. I tried to hack<> around it by abusing the W3C Fetch API but that's just a hack.

Domenic suggested<> that we should write the proposal spec for native non-blocking JSON processing. I don't know what the API should look like but I made some assumptions and wrote the initial spec (if I can call it spec!) and published it in GitHub<>.

I need to learn the spec lingo and rewrite the spec in proper and standard language. I need help and resources to learn the language of the spec.

Would you please review the proposal so far (including the outstanding PR)?

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