Subclassing ES6 objects with ES5 syntax.

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Sun Apr 26 05:29:23 UTC 2015

On Sun, Apr 26, 2015 at 12:56 AM, Domenic Denicola <d at> wrote:

>  It's possible Reflect.construct has introduced a security hole that was
> not present before the recent instantiation reform. Hopefully Mark can
> comment more.

Note that, even without `Reflect.construct`:
x = new C(); // C some subclass of Promise.
Object.setPrototypeOf(x, SomeArbitaryThing);
y = C.resolve(x); // doesn't actually return an instanceof C
seems somewhat surprising.  If there are security properties involved, the
shortcut taken by `Promise.resolve` just seems a bit dodgy.  Better just to
say `y = new C(function(r) { r(x); })` (and take the slight performance
hit) if your security mechanism absolutely requires `y` to be a `C` with no
funny business.

ps. For what it's worth, my `prfun` package has what I think is a more
normal use-case for `Promise.resolve` -- I define a `Promise` subclass with
extra utility methods: `try`, `reduce`, `map`, `done`, and so on.  The
return values from all of these methods, and for the standard `then`,
`catch`, `all`, etc methods, preserve the instance type, so I know that all
of the utility methods will continue to be available as I chain promises.
But at an API boundary, when `x` comes from some outside source, I use `x =
PrFunPromise.resolve(x)` to ensure that the utility methods are available
on x.

I don't need any special tamper-proofing here, so a straightforward
implementation of `Promise.resolve` would work fine. Checking whether
`x.__proto__ == PrFunPromise.prototype` would be ok.  But right now
`[[PromiseConstructor]]` is giving me mild fits because v8 has implemented
enough of the Promise spec to be storing `[[PromiseConstructor]]`, but not
enough of the ES6 class mechanism for me to actually set `` and
`[[PromiseConstructor]]` correctly in my `PrFunPromise` subclass.  This
will eventually resolve itself when the engines can implement
`Reflect.construct` and/or full subclass support.  But it led me to
question what `[[PromiseConstructor]]` was supposed to be doing in the
first place, and whether it was doing it successfully.
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