Are ES6 modules in browsers going to get loaded level-by-level?

John Barton johnjbarton at
Thu Apr 23 14:43:53 UTC 2015

Correct, ES6 has no plans for a bundling solution and the whatwg group
working on the loader has not proposed one.

Nevertheless  bundling solution is easier to build and specify. In ES6,
given a root module you can compute the (static) dependency graph as the
basis for creating a bundle.  The bundle will be complete and -- if the
code has no unnecessary imports -- minimal.  Moreover, the unnecessary
imports can be determined by parser analysis alone.

Since bundling includes issues of transport,  compression, and
minification, I suspect that a standard may not emerge any time soon.
Rather I expect a few tools to emerge and these will become de facto
standards for bundling.


On Wed, Apr 22, 2015 at 7:10 PM, Matthew Phillips <matthew at>

> Can you clarify what you mean about bundling? Unless I've missed
> something, the ES6 module system does not have a story for bundling at all.
> Of course formats can be invented in userland but I'm not sure that they
> are any easier to implement than say AMD's.  I might have missed something
> though, looking forward to your reply.
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