Should "const" be favored over "let"?

Frankie Bagnardi f.bagnardi at
Fri Apr 17 07:46:32 UTC 2015

I've switched to let/const completely.  The gain of using const isn't
performance (you can statically analyze whether any non-global is
potentially assigned to).  The gain from const is that it's very very easy
for a human to statically analyze.

If I see a let binding, I know I need to be a bit more careful with editing
that piece of code.

I originally thought this'd be a terrible idea, but it's been working great
for me.

On Thu, Apr 16, 2015 at 10:53 PM, Glen Huang <curvedmark at> wrote:

> I've completely replaced "var" with "let" in my es 2015 code, but I
> noticed most variables I introduced never change.
> Should I replace them with "const"? Will there be any performance gain for
> most browsers? If so, should such performance gain be considered micro
> optimization?
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