Understanding future performance profiles of Generators

Brendan Eich brendan at mozilla.org
Fri Apr 17 01:43:22 UTC 2015

Honestly, you can't count on promises from implementors. Best to make 
something kick-ass that pushes generator performance, gets adoption, and 
engines feel the heat. Until then, profile twice, cut once -- in all 
cases I've seen, the generator perf hardship was not on critical path.


Jason Kuhrt wrote:
> Can anyone point me to good literature on projections or thoughts on 
> future performance of Generators in JavaScript? I would like to 
> develop heuristics and intuition about their use knowing that anything 
> that is absolutely critical should of course be benchmarked by me, but 
> also wanting enough knowledge to operate confidently in my choice of 
> tool and techniques. For context I am concerned about the full stack 
> so cannot focus on a  single engine (V8 etc.).
> Say for example that I wanted to write in a functional lazy-evaluation 
> style; I want a sense within the order-of-magnitude at least for the 
> general trade-offs I am making.
> I don’t feel like justifying  why I’m curious about this (as I seemed 
> to have had to do on the Node IRC channel, sigh). So please just 
> answer if you have constructive information to add. I understand this 
> space is moving fast with patches that are increasing performance by 
> orders of magnitude (e.g. 
> https://code.google.com/p/v8/issues/detail?id=3928) so I’m more 
> concerned with the longer term, 12-24+ months, how close will 
> Generators get to regular functions in perf, etc.
> Thanks so much,
> Jason
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