Please volunteer to maintain the HTML version of the spec

Michael Dyck jmdyck at
Thu Apr 16 20:35:23 UTC 2015

On 15-04-16 11:23 AM, Jason Orendorff wrote:
> [...] I will not be creating the unofficial HTML version of the spec
> anymore once ES2015 is final.
> If you're interested in maintaining the HTML version, let me know! [...]

I'm interested.

> [...]
> But there is one more job.
> Back in 2013, I committed to keeping links to sections working as the
> document evolves. So if you click on a link in a very old email (<3
> and it points to:
> which has since been merged with some other sections and renamed, some
> JS in the page redirects you to that section:
> Each time a new revision is published, some manual steps are required
> to map broken links to the right sections in the new document.

Do you mean that old 'es6-draft.html' URLs should resolve to the
corresponding section in the HTML version of the latest ES7+ draft? (In
which case, the latter would need to continue to support (remap) all the old
section-ids.) I wonder if people would find that surprising.

Or do you mean that 'es6-draft.html' URLs will resolve to the HTML version
of ES6-final, but whoever takes on the job for ES7 should make a similar
commitment for 'es7-draft' URLs? (That is, ES7 rev1 wouldn't have any
section-id baggage, but it'll grow from there.)


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