Please volunteer to maintain the HTML version of the spec

Jason Orendorff jason.orendorff at
Thu Apr 16 15:23:28 UTC 2015

I need to free up some time to work on other things, so I will not be
creating the unofficial HTML version of the spec anymore once ES2015
is final.

If you're interested in maintaining the HTML version, let me know! If
not, I imagine Allen can use Word to generate HTML versions, so it's
not like we'll starve.

### What's involved?

Doing the conversion is *almost* a piece of cake: just run the Python
script at <>, using the
instructions in the README. Then publish the generated HTML file on
the Web.

But there is one more job.

Back in 2013, I committed to keeping links to sections working as the
document evolves. So if you click on a link in a very old email (<3 and it points to:
which has since been merged with some other sections and renamed, some
JS in the page redirects you to that section:

Each time a new revision is published, some manual steps are required
to map broken links to the right sections in the new document. It
can't be fully automated, though undoubtedly you could improve on what
I've been doing. Details on request.


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